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GoldBet Poker Room Features

The GoldBet Review will help players quickly learn about the main features of the room. Then you will be able to determine whether it is worth even trying to register in the room. This site belongs to the League gambling network. It is played mainly by users from Italy, as it is difficult for players from other countries to register on the site.

What should be the first thing to know?

The official page of the room is translated only into Italian, so there may be problems with orientation on the site. The official client of the room is also available in Italian only.

The room can be played by users from all countries except the USA. But there are not so many players at the tables of the room - often you cannot find opponents at the high limits.

They mainly play Texas Hold'em and Omaha at low and medium limits. The room can be viewed as an additional playground.

Features of the software

The room has developed a program for playing poker from a computer. It can be downloaded from the official website. The software is fast. Despite the Italian language, you can quickly navigate the program - the design and interface are similar to other poker rooms.

The client is convenient because in the lobby you can quickly find the tables and tournaments you need using a special filter. You will be able to make transactions directly through the application, as well as change various client settings.

To download the program from the site, you will need to go to it with an Italian IP-address. To do this, you can use anonymizing sites or additional software to change the address.

Features of rake payment

The Italian poker room has introduced quite high commissions when playing for real money - you will need to pay 6.5% from each of your bets. These are somewhat inflated costs in comparison with other top sites.

But in the room you can participate in the loyalty program and return up to 50% of the money paid. To do this, you need to earn levels in the system (there are 50): the higher your level, the greater the percentage of return will come to your account.

You can increase the levels by placing bets in the room. The faster you earn new levels, the less points you need to reach the next level.

GoldBet client

Bonuses and promotions

Promotions are not often held in the room. Of the constants, only one can be distinguished:

  • You can get up to 250 euros if you go to the cashier menu and enter a special promo code. Now it is "goldbet250", but it may change. It is better to double-check the information. To get money, you will need to wager them at the tables of the room. This is a kind of bonus rakeback that can be used once;
  • Sometimes temporary promotions start on the floor. It is better to find out about them on the official website of the room.


Sometimes free tournaments for users start in the room. They can be available to all poker players, and can only be opened by passwords. Passwords can be obtained as a gift from the administration of the room.

Freerolls are no-deposit tournaments where you can earn real money. At Goldbet Poker, these streaks are especially beneficial as there won't be many opponents. And your chances of winning will increase significantly.


The Italian room does not have many advantages for everyone to start playing in the room: a weak playing field, the possibility of rake back and a one-time bonus. There are enough disadvantages: problems with registration, software and a website in Italian, high commission for withdrawing funds.

Therefore, our GoldBet Poker review showed that it makes sense for users to choose this room only as an additional resource for the game.

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