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Pros and cons of playing at PokerMaster

This PokerMaster review is your chance to learn about the main features of the poker room in 2-3 minutes. After reading our article, you can decide whether to start playing poker for money in this room.

This room was created for players who are ready to make big bets. There are no micro-limits in the room. Also PokerMaster is one of the most popular rooms in Asia. This somewhat affects gaming traffic and earning opportunities. Many players from the CIS countries have moved to this platform in recent years. And there are a number of good reasons for this.

Read about the nuances of playing at PokerMaster in our article.

The main features of the room

First, let's highlight the features of the game on the court, which are better to learn about right away:

  • In the room, all bets are made only in one currency - Chinese yuan. This means that you will need to lose a small percentage of any deposit or winnings for conversion;
  • The minimum contribution is $ 30. Also, you cannot play for play money in the room and there is no no deposit bonus - in order to test the room, you will have to make a deposit anyway;
  • Limits. The room is played with Texas Hold'em and Omaha. Moreover, the limits start from NL200 and higher. In the room you can always find opponents at the tables, regardless of the time. There are many tables with high limits - they are where the main battles take place in the room. High rollers from Asia are competing for large sums;
  • In the game, users can create their own gaming tables. Choose the options that will suit you: the minimum contributions, the number of opponents, the type of poker and other nuances;
  • In the room, you cannot enter several tables at once from one account. However, you can log in from different devices by creating several profiles on the Poker Master. This is not prohibited by the rules. However, if you try to sit at the same table from two accounts, you will be instantly banned.


As you can see, the conditions of the game are not the best: there are problems with depositing and withdrawing money, playing at several tables, a large amount of the contribution. But for some reason, users from the CIS still choose a room. What is the reason?

The main plus of the site is in game traffic. Despite the big bets, many players from Asia are not as good as the same regulars from Russia or Europe. This allows even semi-professionals to enter high limits and earn a good pot.

Rake payments and rakeback receipts

Players will not be able to receive rakeback in the room - there is no such option due to the fact that any form of online gambling is prohibited in China. That is why you will need to make deposits through intermediaries (special agents).

Poker Master client

As for the rake, the percentage is not that large - 5% of the amount of money earned will go to the account of the room owners. If you leave the table with a minus, then you will not be charged any commission at all.

Features of the software

Users note that the gaming software of the Chinese room is very high quality. You can play both from smartphones and from a computer. Here are some of the benefits of the programs:

  • Comfortable lobby. You can use the filter to search for the tables you need by different parameters: bet sizes, poker type and other features. Different tables are marked with icons to make it easier to navigate the client;
  • Interface. Nice colors, good design, clear control - this is what will help you quickly master the client and start playing without problems;
  • Additional functions. You can customize the program to your taste by changing the parameters of sound, video, notifications. In the client, players can chat via chat right during the distribution. You can also use the microphone, but only for Chinese players.

Cons - the client is not translated into Russian. It will take some time to master the controls.

We hope that our small PokerMaster review has allowed you to learn more about the room - go to the room and start making money playing games with Asian high rollers!

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