How poker trades are conducted
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How poker trades are conducted

Poker trading is perhaps the most famous stage of the game. Practically his calling card. We will tell you how to use this technique correctly. There are no stages of the game in poker that you can ignore. Absolutely everything in this game matters, and you cannot overlook the smallest detail. Not only the combinations that the players have collected are important, but also the trade itself. This is where you need to have self-control, make calculations and analyze the current situation in order to win, or at least not to lose.

Stages and types of trade

During the auction, the winner can be determined without showing his hands. This is why it is so important to trade correctly. According to PokerStars statistics, almost 80% hands end without showdown.

There are the following streets in Texas Hold'em where trading takes place:

  • Preflop;
  • Flop;
  • Thorn;
  • River.

In poker, the different stages of a hand are called streets. The player receives the next cards and makes or does not make bets. There are basically three types of streets and preflop in Texas Hold'em. In other types of poker, there may be more or less streets.

We will describe in more detail how this or that street is played:

  • Preflop. This is the very first deal of cards (there are two of them in Texas Hold'em). Of course, at this stage, none of the opponents knows either the opponent's cards or the combinations that could have already formed. At this point, players conduct their first betting round. And here you need to be careful and careful. At this level, you can place bets or call previous bets. If the card is completely losing, you can fold the cards at this stage;
  • Flop. At this stage, the dealer has already laid out three community cards. Here it is important to assume the development of the game and decide which combinations can be made from the available cards and how winning they are;
  • Tern. Next stage. Here the dealer draws another community card and places it on the center of the board. It is important to consider your cards correctly and anticipate your opponent. Because at this stage, the situation can change dramatically;
  • River. The final stage of trading. The dealer reveals the last card, after which it is necessary to either raise the rates or discard the cards if the combinations have not been drawn up.

It is important at the last stage to play with real combinations and strong hands. If the card does not go, it is worth stopping in time, because in Texas Hold'em there is a no-limit mode where players go all-in and bet all their chips.

Who should go first

Of course, there is a sequence of actions in poker. Trading on any street is in a certain order. But for a beginner, it remains unclear who should speak the first word. After all, it turns out that the one who says the first word is the most wounded and "blind", and the one who said the last word has a huge advantage, because by the strength of the bet he can guess who has which hands (strong or weak ).

In poker, the order of trading is determined by the button - the chip. It is she who moves along the board, clockwise, passing from player to player. So the player who has the button is the last to speak. Trading in poker gives an advantage that allows you to make the right bet and assess the chances of winning, not only your own, but also your opponents'.

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