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PartyPoker Helps Dealers Survive Pandemic Unemployment

PartyPoker executives have announced their intention to help poker dealers survive unemployment related to the coronavirus pandemic. Under quarantine conditions, many of them were forced to go on vacation at their own expense or quit. That's why PartyPoker has started raising 244,000$ to support dealer families.

The organization of live tournaments has been temporarily suspended. Therefore, a large number of people conducting organizational work were left behind. And even after all quarantine restrictions have been lifted, many freelance dealers will not be able to find work quickly.

How will PartyPoker collect money?

To raise funds to support dealers, PartyPoker is organizing a series of poker competitions. Therefore, from April 26 to May 3 inclusive, the poker room will host the Grand Prix 4 Dealers - a multi-flight event, entrance to which will cost 50$ + 5$. Poker events organizers state:

  • The received rake will be used to support the Party dealers who took part in organizing live tournaments;
  • Anyone who made live events of the poker room possible will be able to count on financial support.

Partypoker GVC Holdings owner David Cook said he will try to financially support dealers until their work is restored.

Payments due in the coming weeks

Almost all PartyPoker poker festivals that take place offline use freelance contractors. Many of them solve organizational issues in preparation for:

  • Triton Poker Series;
  • WPT.

Therefore, any freelancer who has acted as a dealer in organizing poker events will receive payment from PartyPoker... According to the organizers, the money will be transferred in the coming weeks.

The opinion of the partner of the room Rob Yong

Rob Yong
Rob Yong

Rob Yong is a regular PartyPoker partner hoping to receive a minimum of 122,000$ from online events. If this goal is achieved, then the amount of payments to temporarily unemployed dealers will double. In addition, Rob stated:

  • Financial donations will double for JustGiving dealers;
  • People will be able to count on doubling their payments if PartyPoker manages to save £ 100,000.

At the moment, PartyPoker's management has managed to raise £ 82,000. So people who were forced to remain without work will soon receive the promised money.

Dealers will be helped by the British government

There is more good news - independent poker dealers can count on the support of the British government. There is one important point in the social package of incentive measures - the "Self-employment support scheme during the coronavirus (COVID-19) period", according to which:

  • Dealers are entitled to a payment in the amount of the average monthly salary;
  • The amount of financial assistance will be 3 040$;
  • The money will be credited within 3 months.

Thus, freelance and independent poker dealers will receive monetary compensation in difficult times.

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