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A look at the all-new 2017 World Series of Poker

Yes, there are still an infinite number of poker tables out there, but this perennial series has undergone the most dramatic changes since the giant Pavilion Hall appeared many years ago.

The Amazon Room, which has long been the crown jewel of the WSOP with multiple gaming tables and the parent ship of ESPN, has now become another poker room. On the other hand, the Pavilion Room has been refurbished to include a high stakes cash game area and lounge sponsored by European poker giant King's Casino.

It's hard to say if the concession-based diner will go well, as it has never been truly beloved by most players. The choice of food here is nevertheless good - there is pizza, burritos, smoothies, sushi, hamburgers and much more. All dining tables were moved to the pavilion stage. There's also a hot dog cart inside, which seems like an odd choice for a poker room.

Perhaps the biggest change has been the relocation of the ESPN final table to Brazil. Brasilia is a highly professional area with three sets of functions and a small assortment of tables to be used for the final games.

New to the 2017 WSOP

This year, Rio players are greeted by the Lamborghini Gallardo, owned by Exotic Car Rentals. Exit the WSOP and ride the track for 4 hours, paying $ 399 to start. This is far from the worst way to spend your money.

The pavilion remains the single largest room in the WSOP floor plan, with plenty of free space for cash games, satellites and tournaments. This is also the first tournament space that viewers will see as they get closer to the rest of the series.

King's Casino cash game is a brand new addition to the 2017 WSOP. The WSOP has always had cash games, but its high stakes area has never been anything special. This could attract a few more powerful attackers from places like Aria Ivy's room or Bobby's room in Bellagio. The King's Casino cash game tables are one step higher than the rest of the WSOP tables. There is also a very high stakes table in the center of the room.

All that remains of the once bustling Poker Kitchen is a small room that has been renamed Miranda Grab & Go. It should be noted that the All American Dave food truck is still available outside the Amazon Room. Miranda's new tournament is actually just a bunch of tables and there is nothing special about it. This is the former location of the Poker Kitchen.

The new Brasilia Room is a showcase for the 2017 WSOP. It includes the ESPN Mothership, two more function tables, and a small collection to be used for games. In this room, you will want to play poker.

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