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A series of victories! Bankroll Challenge Day 24 Upswing Poker 

After losing over 20% bankroll in a grueling one-on-one battle, viewers feared it could be Day 13 over and over again. Doug Polk himself warned that this was possible at the start of the stream. Sometimes you just can't take a picture. 

Doug was not held back, however, and he jumped into another one-on-one match with another opponent. In a little less than an hour, he recovered all his losses in the previous match. And he added plus $ 9.  

After a quick chat greeting, Doug began the session wondering out loud if he should play in tournaments. He doesn't like tournaments at all, but they are highly prized at 

Doug was torn as to whether the $ 20 tournament was worth playing. The buy-in was still too high for the bankroll, but the field seemed very soft. $ 10 Sit and Goes were also considered. 

In the end, Doug reduced the discussion to the question: "What do we want to get?" If he starts to freely manage his bankroll, he will reach 10 thousand dollars much faster. However, if he gets too skillful and starts losing too much, too quickly, the audience will turn against him. 

But there was a problem. The tournament had to be canceled due to a lack of players. Doug asked his Nevada viewers to register to start the tournament, but it was too late.  

Doug broke the freeroll, bringing his 3 tables to 2. However, this was for the best as he could now focus on his HUSNG throw. Doug won the first match of the session, prompting a rematch. 

Dissatisfied with the level of action and risk, Doug entered the NL50 three-lane game at halftime. He described the move as "a totally efficient bankroll." 

... And everything turned out not to be as expected. His top pair faced a set that dipped to 420 $. Doug calmly entered another table at NL50. 

He dropped out of the tournament shortly thereafter, now having three tournaments, with two cash games NL50 and Heads Up Sit and Go at $ 25. In less than an hour, Doug almost regained his lost stack. 

Inspired by his lust for action on the Twitch chat, Doug decided to replace his NLH tables with PLO tables. He started with three tables, six hands and heads-up games, all PL50. 

With technical issues seemingly resolved, the games continued and Doug squashed them across all four tables. Two hours later, the Bankroll Challenge session hit a new high of $ 653. 

Earlier in the stream, Twitch chat asked Doug to play more tournaments. NLHE's nine hands just aren't good for many failures. Doug, however, is not crazy about micro-cola tournaments. They require a set time, which he does not want to take. 

Pot Limit Omaha provides a happy balance, the audience gets their spanks and hesitation while Doug gets his freedom. It even allows now recognizable regs like Blvze to join. 

At the end of the stream, Doug apologized for the technical issues, reflecting on a great day for the Bankroll Challenge. After an exciting OOP session that was mostly ups and downs, we ended the day with $ 632. 

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