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Omaha University with bank restriction closes its doors for good 

In addition to these features, members who join PLO University during this sale period will receive free access to the PLO Software training course (worth $ 499). This includes video content from Fernando on the effective use of the HUD, PokerJuice and Oracle Odds. 

This is not to say that the content at PLO University is out of date (it is not). It provides a proper foundation that every serious OOP player should understand. 

Solvers help JNandez quickly make new discoveries about the Pot Limit Omaha strategy. The subscription-based course, which is updated monthly and updated with fresh content, will keep you updated on these new discoveries. 

The PLO Lab will provide participants with cutting-edge strategies that have been influenced by this decisive revolution. Programs like MonkerSolver are extremely complex and demanding, users buy physical server space to optimize their results - and that's just the beginning. The solutions the solver offers are useless if you don't know how to interpret and implement them in your PLO game. 

JNandez and his team of PLO professionals come along and share their knowledge of how to find and understand the solutions these solvers offer - get answers you don't need. 

All PLO University members, including those who joined this latest random sale, will get their first month of PLO work for $ 1 (yes, one dollar). This $ 1 offer is valid for the first week that PLO Lab is sold. 

Q: When will OOP University become inaccessible to the public? 

A: The OOP University course will cease to exist on Monday 9 October. Until then, it is being sold at $ 699. It includes 6 to 8 hours of NEW content recently added by Fernando Habegger.  

Q: Why should I buy OOP University if new Upswing PLO content is released later this month? 

A: PLO University is a COMPLETE COURSE that Fernando has perfected over many months, drawing on years of experience in profitable play. Up to this point, it has represented a cutting edge instruction in Pot Limit Omaha and will serve as a valuable additional tool for the PLO lab (which will feature ALL NEW content NOT found in PLO University). Upon arrival on October 9, OOP University will no longer be available for purchase. 

Q: What are the specifics of the upcoming Upswing PLO Lab? 

A: The Upswing Poker PLO Lab will launch on Monday 23rd October. The registration fee will be $ 200, with a monthly restoration fee of $ 100. Our PLO University clients will automatically receive an initial registration fee to the PLO Lab from $ 200 to $ 1. 

Q: What happens when OOP University ceases to exist? 

A: PLO Lab will be integrated into PLO University's current Facebook group. If you are already a PLO University member (or purchase a discounted course by October 9th), the PLO Lab registration fee is only $ 1. 

Q: Fernando usually turns to Monker Solver for PLO when talking to the audience. Do I need to buy Monker Solver separately to profit from the upcoming PLO lab?  

A: No, no. Pot Limit Omaha players will be able to fully benefit from the PLO Lab without buying Monker separately because Fernando will incorporate and share information on how the software decides to profit from the PLO Lab directly to the PLO Lab. 

Q: QA $ 200 registration fee (only 1 $ for those who have purchased PLO University), and a monthly fee of 100 $ is more than I used to pay - or used to pay - for my premium poker training. How do you justify this expense? 

A: The PLO Lab will be the cutting edge technology for learning in Pot Limit Omaha as it relates to learning how to play poker for real money. The coursework led by OOP expert Fernando Habegger - along with access to a private Facebook group - will provide tremendous value to those looking to improve their skills and profit from playing one of the softest real money poker formats currently available. both online and online. 

David Huber (known as "dhubermex" online) has been involved in the poker industry for over ten years. He currently assists several poker and gaming structures as a researcher, writer and consultant. Former editor-in-chief and chief moderator of the PocketFives online tournament ranking site (2006 2011).  

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