Is it possible to make money on poker
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Is it possible to consistently make money on poker

Many users of gambling platforms wonder whether it is possible to make money on poker or is it just a means of entertainment. According to statistics, about 40 million people around the world play various poker disciplines at least once a week. Not all of them do it for the sake of earning money, but the opportunity to turn games into a stable source of income exists. The main thing is to constantly improve your skills.  

What players can earn

Player earned in poker

All poker room users can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Beginners. These players are just learning the peculiarities of poker and taking their first steps in development. They may be familiar with certain strategies, but often fail to apply them correctly in practice. In addition, they cannot yet think far-sightedly.
  2. Experienced players. Such users are well aware of various strategies and are able to play for the long term. Such users are flexible and skillfully adapt to the conditions of each distribution. At some point, they can make certain sacrifices, but only in order to ultimately remain the winners. 
  3. Session players. They register at various poker rooms on impulse, due to a sharp desire to play. They do not pursue the goal of making money, but only to have fun. They are not interested in the long-term perspective, because after some time of the game they simply stop entering the room. 

As you probably understood, in order to play poker successfully, which will bring a steady income, you must be a player of the second category. To do this, you will have to spend some time studying theory, familiarizing yourself with the playing style of the most successful poker players in the world, learning basic strategies, and then gaining quite a lot of practical experience. 90% players sit down at the tables only to get emotions, which means they are ready to lose. Only 10% takes their lost money, so you need to hit that small number. 

The beginning of the way

So, you decided to turn your hobby into a means of earning money. First you need to familiarize yourself with the theoretical foundations of the game. How you can get this knowledge:  

  • At poker schools like PokerStrategy or PokerStarter.
  • After reading the articles on our website.
  • In audiobooks and video tutorials.
  • In special poker books.

Which of these options is right for you is difficult to say. We recommend combining all of these sources of information to get a complete picture. 

Let's go to practice

At this stage, you will have to invest money. Some players advise starting with freerolls, but this is more for fun, but not for real playing experience. the fact is that players in free tournaments or when playing for chips behave quite differently than in the case of real bets.  

To get started, we recommend playing at cash tables with minimum limits. This will allow you to gain valuable experience, as well as develop your own strategy and not lose a significant amount. For a comfortable game, choose tables with a big blind, which will be equal to 1% of your bankroll.

It is also very important to train constantly. For this, there are simulator sites, the software of which creates various game situations for the user. After making a decision, the system will show the player's errors. You can also watch poker videos at your leisure.    

How can you make money online poker

There are two main methods of generating income:

Long-term game. In this case, the player uses the existing or develops his own strategy, which will bring income at a distance. Some of the hands can be lost, but only in order to ultimately hit the jackpot.

Playing for rakeback. The number of hands plays a role here, so players often choose rooms with the possibility of multi-table play. Due to the large number of hands, the player generates rather large amounts of rake, while the balance of his account may change slightly. At the end of a certain period, the room pays the player rakeback up to 50%.   

Finally, I would like to add that making money on poker is possible only in reliable rooms, the list of which you can find on our website.

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